Guest blogging: Done!

I have guest blogged for the first time ever! And it feels really cool ūüôā

The wonderful Fantasy Angel is hosting a guest blogging week and was kind enough to feature me. Please head over to her blog to check out her informative and entertaining posts. Did I mention that apart from being wonderful she has a super human reading speed? That has to be her super power.

So this is  the direct link to the guest post. I hope you enjoy it.


Do you have a Book-et List?

Most people have a bucket list – things they want to do or experience or places they want to visit before they die. Well, I have a book-only equivalent of it – a book-et list. There are hundreds and thousands of amazing books available to read, falling in to every genre conceivable.

My Personal Book Collection

My Personal Book Collection

My preferred genres of books are Science Fiction, Science (nonfiction), Whodunits, and Mystery/Thrillers. And so far, these are few of the books that I plan to read sooner or later. My Book-et List, in no particular order:

I own a copy of The Selfish Gene and The Time Machine, so I will probably be reading them sooner than later. And I am currently reading 2001: A Space Odyssey; and man, is it exciting! I was floored by the opening paragraph!

However, the above list is by no means complete. As I discover more interesting books, I will keep updating this list. I hope some of you find a book from here that sparks or reinforces your love for these genres and these authors.

Till then, Happy Reading to you and me!