“I think I just wrote me some science fiction!”

There was an interesting question I came across on Quora today, one involving some exercising of the creative brain cells, and I decided to give it a go.

This one pertained to science fiction in particular, which is my favourite genre. Having read and watched so much of the genre, I attempted an answer to the question. Most of the answers already present were about robots, time travel and space travel and I wanted to write something different.

This was the question (the hyperlink will take to the question page on Quora):

What is the best science fiction story people can come up with in two sentences?

And this was my answer:

“Hello, we come in peace.”

“‘Hell … ‘ and ‘… piece …’ ? Err… that’s all I’m getting, is that transpretator fixed yet? … what do mean ‘no’!  … Crap, this is embarrassing, we’ll just have to make do with it … here we go … … what, are you kidding me?! … We’ve come to extend friendship and what they want is for ‘all hell to break loose’ … Oh, you’ll get exactly that, you puny humans! … Open fire!”

So, what did you think of it? This was my first attempt at any such writing so all feedback, positive and constructive, is welcome.



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